Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ten Absolutely Laugh Out Loud Quotes from Baseball Managers

Baseball managers say the most laugh out things. Check out ten of the all-time hilarious quotes by baseball managers especially Number 10--a personal favorite

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"I'm not the manager because I'm always right. I'm always right because I'm the manager."
Gene Mauch

"They say good managers were mediocre players. I should be a hell of a manager."
Charlie Hough

"The toughest thing about managing is standing up for nine innings."
Paul Owens

"The secret of managing is to keep the five guys who hate you away from the five guys who are undecided."
Casey Stengel

"If they could hit like Ted Williams, I would."
Ted Williams--asked as a manager if he would give any of his players the star treatment

"There are three things the average man thinks he can do better than anybody else: build a fire, run a motel and manage a baseball team."
Rocky Bridges

"Only if I had one year left to live."
Mookie Wilson, asked if he ever wanted to manage a baseball team

"I don't trip my players on the way to the dugout."
Casey Stengel, on the secret to managing

"Have a strong stomach and a long contract"
Dick Howser

"If he had made me a consultant five minutes ago, my first recommendation would be not to fire the manager."
John Wathan, on being offered a job as a consultant after being fired by the Royals

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Monday, June 13, 2016

George Brett's Great Quotes and Funny Statements

Shout out to one of baseball's all-time great hitters, the Kansas City Royal's George Brett. What better way to celebrate the great George Brett than with some classic quotes about his hitting ability.

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"There's nothing Brett can't hit."
--Ray Miller

"George Brett could get good wood on an aspirin."
--Jim Frey

"There's not a thing he can't do."
--Dick Howser

"If God had given him no balls and two strikes, he'd still get a hit."
--Steve Palermo

"He plays the way old timers think the old timers played the game."
--Whitey Herzog

"George Brett could roll out of bed on Christmas morning and hit a line drive."
--John Schuerholz

"If a tie is like kissing your sister, losing is like kissing your grandmother with her teeth out."
--George Brett

"I was three over---one over a house, one over a patio and one over a swimming pool."
--George Brett, on his golf game

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ten Greatest Ted Williams Quotes

Call him Teddy Baseball, The Splendid Splinter or just Ted Williams, this Red Sox great was one of the best hitters in the history of the game. There are so many great things said by and about him and here are ten of the all-time greatest quotes about Ted Williams.

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Ten Great Ted Williams Quotes

1) "I got a big charge out of seeing Ted Williams hit. Once in awhile, they tried to make me field some of them which sort of dimmed my enthusiasm"
--Rocky Bridges

2) "If he just tipped his cap once, he could be elected Mayor of Boston in five minutes."
--Eddie Collins

3) "Yeah, you could pitch him low, but as soon as you threw the ball, run and hide behind second base."
--Lou Boudreau

4) "He could hit better with a broken arm than we could with two good arms."
--Jerry Coleman

5) "When we lose Fenway, we lose the sense that somebody sat here and watched Ted Williams hit."
--Bob Costas

6) "I wound up, threw and then ducked behind the mound."
--Walter Masterson

7) "You don't say anything to a .400 hitter except, how do you do, sir."
--Joe McCarthy, on why he refused to ask Ted Williams to wear a necktie

8) "I didn't know whether to call the pitch, or ask for his autograph."
--Joe Garagiola, on the first time he caught when Williams was at bat

9) "We can always remember him not only as a great ballplayer, but as a great patriot."
--Vin Scully

10) "Ted Williams taught me more about hitting my last year in Washington than I picked up in my entire career elsewhere."
--John Roseboro

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Friday, June 10, 2016

Top Ten Gordie Howe Quotes

We mourn the loss of Mr. Hockey, the great Gordie Howe. In celebration of his life, here are ten of Gordie Howe's greatest quotes

1) "Back then if I could have gotten the crow's feet, and a couple of teeth smashed in, I would have been the happiest kid in the world."
--Wayne Gretzky, explaining how he idolized Howe so much as a kid that he wanted to look like him

2) "My father could put green vegetables on the table even when he ran down coyotes barehanded and got a ten dollar bounty for the tail. He was really a great athlete."
--Gordie Howe

3) "A goal, an assist and a fight."
Keith Tkachuk, defining a Gordie Howe hat trick

4) "It's better to give than to receive."
--Gordie Howe, defining religious hockey

5) "There are two weak teams in the league and four strong ones. The weak ones are Boston and New York. The strong ones are Toronto, Montreal, Chicago and Gordie Howe."
--Dave Keon

6) "He's so strong, he doesn't call the cattle in. He carries them in."
--Gordie Howe, describing the strength of farmer and Hall of Famer, Bobby Hull

7) "When Gordie came into the NHL, hockey was a Canadian game. He converted it into a North American game."
--Clarence Campbell

8) "No, but eleven other guys did."--Gordie Howe, asked if ever broke his nose during a  hockey game

9) "Gordie Howe was not only the greatest hockey player I've ever seen, but the greatest athlete."
--Bill Gadsby

10) "His paycheck"
--Gordie Howe, on what he liked best about Mario Lemieux 

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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Fifty (and Four Extra) All-Time Great Muhammad Ali Quotes

I was very luck to have witnessed the greatness of Muhammad Ali's career through his boxing and all-time great Muhammad Ali quotes. There was nothing like the electricity before a great Ali fight. With Ali, it was also about all the other stuff--the charisma, personality and wit. There was never anyone like him and there never will be again. He truly was The Greatest.

In honor of The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, we have posted Fifty (and four extra) of his all-time great quotes.

"The man who views the world at 50, the same as he did at 20, has wasted 30 years of his life"

"That he took a few cups of love and one teaspoon of patience. One tablespoon of generosity. One pint of kindness. One quart of laughter. Mixed it up and stirred it well. And then he spread it over the span of a lifetime and served it to each and every deserving person he met" (on how he would like to be remembered)

"Thirty six is getting to the age. You know it's time to leave, but something tells you you've got one more gamble"

"This might shock and amaze ya, but I'm gonna retire Joe Frazier"

"More people come to see me open a supermarket than to see Joe Frazier defend his championship"

"I've got two punches for Frazier--the balloon punch and the needle punch. My left jab is the ballon and the right is the needle"

"I don't like Joe Frazier. He talks too much. I don't like fighters who talk too much"

"Tell me where he's at. I'll buy his town and have him deported" (after he was told about an Amish man who never heard of him)

"I love the opera but I'm a practical man" (on turning down a proposal to ride on an elephant in a production of Aida)

"You're always saying Ali isn't what he was ten years ago, but neither are you, Howard Cosell" (after Ali grabbed Cosell's toupee)

"I started boxing because I thought it was the fastest way for black people to make it"

"To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you're not, pretend you are."

"More important than the President of the United States (on what the heavyweight championship means)

"To tin-can around the country just for paydays and muffins is not my idea of living" (on why someone would bother to fight if he was not fighting for the championship)

"I predict that this will be the greatest book ever and it will sell more than any other book in history" (on his book, The Greatest)

"The crowd would not dream when they laid down their money, that they would see a total eclipse of the Sonny" (on his second fight with Sonny Liston)

"The plane isn't going to crash. I'm on it" (speaking to a nervous passenger during a turbulent flight)

"Howard Cosell would rather shave a wild lion with a dull razor than fight me" (on rumors that Cosell wanted to fight Ali)

"Howard Cosell is nobody's fool...He's everybody's fool"

"Sometimes Howard (Cosell) make me wish I was a dog and he was a fireplug"

"When I'm dancin' and runnin'--I'm looking pretty and winnin', but ain't hurtin'

"I'd like them to check this organization known as the IRS, because they recognize me as champion" (on Ernie Terrrel being recognized by WBA as heavyweight champion while Ali was being investigated by the IRS)

"If anyone even dreams he can beat me, he had better wake up and apologize"

"When you're as great as I am, it's hard to be humble"

"This is the story about a man with iron fists and a beautiful tan. He talks a lot indeed about a powerful punch and blinding speed" (describing himself in a book written about him)

"The most spectacular wonder human eyes have ever witnessed (describing himself)

"When I'm gone, boxing be nothing again"

"Braggin' is when a person says something and can't do it. I do what I say"

"If there's fighting after I'm gone, it'll just be a dull old thing. No more poems, no predictions, no more hollering"

"I'm the best. I just haven't played yet" (on golf)

"Small guys can't raise any hell" (on why Americans love the heavyweight division)

"I let him rob my house while I was out to lunch" (on losing to Leon Spinks)

"This face is worth billions (on why he would be a successful actor)

"I got to be the hero like Charlton Heston, he's got a serious image. Moses. In Airport, he was the captain, a real man. Always distinguished. Always high-class. Nothing cheap or low down" (on his acting aspirations)

"I couldn't believe it. I got the role without you testing me"  (on playing himself in the movie version of The Greatest)

"I took a nobody and created a monster. I made Norton so famous, he even got on The Dating Game." (after he lost to Ken Norton)

"They could make ten films from my life" (on his movie, The Greatest)

"It'll be the best selling movie ever. I can outdraw Charlton Heston, Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando and John Wayne rolled into one." (on his movie The Greatest)

"I can act well enough for them to pay me 31 million since I have been in boxing. So I act pretty good" (asked if he could act for his role in The Greatest)

"Not with anybody else" (asked if he was every in love)

"My toughest fight was with my first wife"

"I won't worry about who you sleep with, if you won't worry about who sleeps with me" (responding to the constant attention on his love life)

"I'm the best friend a reporter ever had, because I always give good quotes, changing them around  so everyone's got a fresh one"

"I'm the prettiest thing that ever put on boxing gloves"

"Boxing's a rough sport. After every fight I rush to the mirror to make sure I'm presentable"

"I'm so beautiful, I should be chiseled in gold"

"I'll beat him so bad, he'll need a shoehorn to put his hat on" (on fighting Floyd Patterson)

"I'm gonna to Buster what the Indians did to Custer" (on fighting Buster Mathis)

"Jones likes to mix so I'll let it go six. If he's talking jive, I'll let it go in five. And if he talks some more, I'll cut it to four (on fighting Doug Jones)

"To aggravate and nauseate" (on his fighting style against Cleveland Williams)

"I'd throw in the towel before I'd faint at the Liston scowl" (on his first fight against Sonny Liston)

"After I beat the Bear, I'll go after the Hare' (on Sonny Liston's nickname of The Black Bear and Floyd Patterson's nickname of The Rabbit)

"When you come to the fight, don't block the aisles. And don't block the floor, for you may all go home after Round 4 (on fighting Archie Moore who he did not knock out in the fourth round)

"We change our minds so much. Look at all the divorces. Everybody says they'll marry 'til death and they're divorced a few weeks later" (on retiring and then unretiring)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

29 Great Joe Garagiola Quotes

RIP to the great Joe Garagiola----the major league catcher who was so much more--humorist, author, television celebrity, announcer, childhood neighbor of Yogi and so much more.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Over Sixty World Series Quotes

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Jackie Robinson Quote of the Night

Appropriate in the night before the World Series to have a quote about one of all-time greats, Jackie Robinson

"The most complete offensive player I can ever remember."
Gil Hodges, on Robinson

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

What Are the All Time Great New York Mets Pitching Quotes?

Throughout the Mets history, their strength has always been their pitching. Sure, they have had some great hitters over the years like Darryl Strawberry, Cleon Jones, Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, Jose Reyes and David Wright. But all Mets fans know it is about the pitching. It is especially true today.

In celebration of the Mets first World Series appearance in 15 years, here are some all time great quotes about Mets pitchers.

                                  Jacob de Grom
"When you go against a guy like that, you've got to play perfect baseball."--Bruce Bochy                         

                                    Tom Seaver
"The best I ever caught--smarter than all of them."
--Johnny Bench

                                    Matt Harvey
"He's a horse. He's got four plus pitches, throws them all for strikes, great demeanor on the mound. The Mets are in good shape. He's a cornerstone for them."

                                     Dwight Gooden
"I'd trade anybody's past for Dwight Gooden's future."
--Sandy Koufax

                                      Tug McGraw
"I met my wife in a New York bar. We had a lot in common. We were both from California and we were both drunk."

                                         Stephen Matz
"The kid's got incredible stuff."
--Frank Viola

                                          Jerry Koosman
"He was one of the strongest pitchers inside to right handed hitters."---Rube Walker

                                           Noah Syndergaard
"When he goes out there, you think the guy might throw a no-hitter."---Terry Collins

                                             Jeurys Familia
"Familia, man, blowing a splitter at 95 mile per hour. Are you crazy? Nobody's going to hit that pitch."
--David Ortiz

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New York Mets Quote of the Night

Tonight's Quote of the Night is for all of us Mets fans out there. A very special one from the late, great Ralph Kiner

"All the Mets road wins against Los Angeles has been at Dodger Stadium."
--Ralph Kiner

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