Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Five Great Sports Rivalry Quotes

To celebrate the upcoming Duke and North Carolina game, I have put together ten great quotes about some of sports great rivalries.

"This might shock and amaze ya, but I'mm gonna retire Joe Fraizer."
--Muhammad Ali, before his first fight with Frazier

"We're not eating, we're not sleeping. We're like Gandhi."
--Pete Gillen, Xavier Coach, on preparing for rival Cinnicinati

"Do the Yankess like the Red Sox?"
---Gary Kasparov, chess champion, asked what he thought of his top rival, Anotly Karpov

"All literary men are Red Sox fans--to be a Yankee fan in a literary society is to endanger your life."
---John Cheever

"She keeps Martina from swallowing the game whole."
--Jim Murray, on Chris Everet, being the chief rival to Martinal Navratlova

Random Thoughts: Here is something worth getting on the bandwagon about. Why would the NCAA consider a 96 team NCAA tournament...It is the greatest sporting event on earth--why mess with it. I for one do not one to see the 11th best team in the Big East playing in the NCAA. It is totally for greed and to appease coaches who teams don't make the tournament. My opinion is that it is a bad idea with no redeeming merits. I dare say about 95% percent of folks agree with me which means, it will probably happen.

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