Sunday, August 29, 2010

Great Casey Stengel Quotes About The Mets

Sports Quotation man is pleased to add a new addition to our blog---The Slideshow. Today the slideshow is featuring the greatest sports quotemaker of all-time, Casey Stengel. Stengel was the first manager of the Amazin' Mets. Even though they were an awful team, it did not tarnish his image as one of the greatest managers of all-time and one of the funniest as well.

Here are some of Casey's greatest quotes about his years with the Mets:

1) "Our first Met game was April 10, 1962. And it was our best game. It was rained out."
--Casey Stengel

2) "Not a bit; we lose at any altitude."
--Casey Stengel, asked if the altitude contributed to the Mets loss of an exhibition game in Mexico City

3) "The only thing worse than a Mets game is a Mets doubleheader."
--Casey Stengel

4) "He calls for the curve ball so much. He can't hit it, so he figures nobody else can."
--Casey Stengel, on Met catcher, Chris Cannizzaro

5) "You should forget about those big words. You can't get 'em out in the library."
--Casey Stengel, on Met pitcher Jay Hook who had a genius IQ

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