Sunday, September 5, 2010

Five Great Duffy Daugherty Quotes--Michigan State Legend

Who was Duffy Daugherty?---College football fans knew him as the long time Coach at Michigan State from 1959-1972. His teams won the national championships in 1965 and 1966. He entered the College Football  Hall of Fame in 1984.  What I like about him is that he was a very funny and quotable coach. Even if you never heard of him, you should read his quotes---the man was hilarious.

Duffy Daugherty, Hall of Fame Michigan State Football Coach

Here are five of Duffy Daugherty's greatest quotes:

1) "I always preferred a running offense, but  I was smart enough to put in one long incomplete pass per quarter just for the alumni."

2) "Football isn't a contact sport. It's a collision sport. Dancing is a contact sport."

3) "The only place at  Michigan State I was never late to was the practice. It didn't start until I got there."

4) "The good Lord has more to worry about than the outcome of a football game."
--on his views of religion and football

5) "I never really believed in spring practice. It doesn't tell you anything. It was like having your daughter coming in at four o'clock in the morning with a Gideon Bible."

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