Saturday, January 29, 2011

Five Great Bill Self Quotes

Today's sports highlights includes one of college basketball's greatest rivalries---Kansas versus Kansas State. Is there a more underrated college basketball coach than Bill Self? Everywhere he has gone, he has won including the 2008 National Championship. This year he has the Jayhawks poised for another big tournament run. He is also a very self-effacing guy who has provided a lot of quotes about coaching.  Here are five of the best Bill Self quotes.

1) "What happens on the Internet is some players are sensitive and some guys aren't. Some guys look at that stuff, some guys don't. The guys that don't usually perform better."

2) "These things are nice, but I'm never hung up on them. They can't happen unless you have good players. I care a lot more about winning a championship as a group than any individual award."
--on being named Big 12 Coach of the Year in 2009

3) "When you figure out how to win a game when you don't play real well."
--on his definition of what makes a good season

4) "There's not many things less important then the score at halftime."

5) "I think playing at Kansas breeds that type of winning as much as anything because in players minds, there's a standard of pressure for them to play to a championship type level that's good for any team."
--on being asked to explain his success at Kansas

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