Sunday, October 20, 2013

Great Bum Phillips Quotes

The world will miss the passing of Bum Phillips---a great coach and an even funnier guy. He is responsible for some of the all-time funniest football quotes. As a tribute to Bum Phillips, here is a list of some of his all-time greatest quotes:

"If I drop dead tomorrow, at least I'll know I died in good health."
--Bum Phillips, after passing his physical

"Like a baby--for two and a half hours."
--asked how he slept after a loss

"I saw Bear play the Bear."
--asked if he had any interest in seeing Gary Busey play Bear Bryant in the movie biography

"They don't have enough cows up in Michigan to make his boots."
--on why 6 foot 7 inch lineman Angelo Fields from the University of Michigan didn't wear cowboy boots

"Earl may not be in a class by himself, but whatever class he's in, it doesn't take long to call the roll."
--on Earl Campbell

"I thought I did until I looked at old game film."
--asked if he played college football
"My idea of discipline is not making guys do something, it's getting 'em to do it."

"There are two kinds of coaches. The kind that have just been fired and the kind that are going to get fired."

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"There ain't but four things in life I know somthin' about--pickup trucks, gumbo, cold beer and barbecued ribs."

"There are two ways to build a team. You either get better players or get the players you've got to play better."

"Potential will get you beat 21-7 every time."

"Fritsch is so good, he practices missin'"
--on kicker Toni Fritsch

"I want little conversation and lots of hair on the floor."
--on what he expects from a barber

"He's a marvelous animal. He didn't even ask to renegotiate."
--after his two year old horse won it's first race

"I guess I was the only NFL coach stupid enough to go along with it."
--on appearing on a music video with Boy George

"I ain't doing a damn thing and I don't start till noon."
--on his retirement

R.I.P. Bum Phillips


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